Empowering Women and their Health Care Providers: Prenatal Testing Examined

L.L. DeVeber, MD FRCP; Elizabeth
Ring Cassidy, MA.; Barbara Farlow, BEng Sci;

Zettel, B ArtsSci, 2009.


Under the practice
guidelines set by the SOGC (Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of
Canada) in February 2007, all physicians treating pregnant patients are now
mandated to offer prenatal genetic screening. 
A new non-invasive prenatal genetic diagnostic test, called ‘chromosomal
microarray analysis,’ will soon drastically increase the volume of information
that is available about a fetus. 
However, challenges already exist with current prenatal testing in Canada. Before
new testing is made available, an ethical framework needs to be developed so
that parents are provided with accurate information about the conditions that
may be detected through prenatal diagnosis. Additionally, an increased
awareness of and access to options for improving the lives of the disabled and
their families in society, will help to ensure that new prenatal genetic
diagnosis technologies are used for the betterment of women, children and society.

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