Today’s letters: On assisted suicide, ‘the SCC has done its job, now it’s Parliament’s turn’

Yes, the Supreme Court decision mirrors public opinion on assisted suicide. Unfortunately public opinion is ill-informed. Three years ago, our elected MPs showed that they had thought more deeply about the subject than our judges. Showing considerable courage, they defied public opinion and overwhelmingly rejected a bill to legalize assisted suicide. I have been personally touched by this issue. Twenty years ago my terminally ill father asked me to help him kill himself. He didn’t want to be a burden. I pointed out that those he loved would be greatly saddened if he did this. Fortunately a skilled physician managed his pain and he was able to die a dignified, peaceful death.

Ian Gentles, Toronto.

Published in the National Post
Letters | February 17, 2015 | Last Updated: Feb 17 6:00 AM ET

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<h1>Today's letters: On assisted suicide, 'the SCC has done its job, now it's Parliament's turn'</h1>
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