2015 Newsletter

Train Wreck: the Supreme Court Decision on Assisted Suicide

Article by Prof. Ian Gentles, Research Director and Adam Giancola, deVeber Institute Intern

On February 6th 2015 the Supreme Court of Canada unleashed a constitutional hurricane. Defying the clearly expressed will of Parliament, sidestepping judicial precedents, and flying in the face of recommendations from numerous advisory bodies, including those of the medical profession, the Court nullified the longstanding prohibition on assisted suicide.

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Canadians Seeking Better Information: Public Opinion Shifts Both Ways

Speaker Jean Echlin, Palliative Care nursing specialist, called for a deep consideration of the effects
such practices would exert on Canadian medical professionals. “The Supreme Court has given
doctors the job of being executioner and they didn’t ask for it. There are no laws, policies, or procedures which will prevent abuse”

Shifts in public opinion, as cited by the Court’s decision, are not one way.

A major opinion shift occurred amongst the audience at a recent, well-attended debate sponsored
by the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto. A large number of people changed
their minds when they learned of the implications of legalizing assisted suicide.
There are no laws, policies, or procedures which will prevent abuse”. Clinical ethicist Dr. Kerry Bowman at Mount Sinai Hospital concluded, “Canada is not ready for this decision”.
Is Canada ready for assisted suicide and euthanasia?
Read the article below (attached) on Page 3 to find out the poll results.

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