Medical Ethics in an Age of Medically Assisted Dying and Reproductive Decisions

Medical Ethics in an Age of Medically Assisted Dying and Reproductive Decisions

You're invited to our second annual summer symposium which will take place on July 15th! This event will feature speakers including: Jean Echlin, Dr. Kathy Pfaff, Dr. Shawn Whatley, and Prof. Ian Gentles. Our summer interns will also be presenting on the current research going on at the Institute. There will be opportunities for hearing the insights of each of these knowledgeable professionals on medical ethics, as well as time for discussion and relaxation.


 Dr. Shawn Whatley
Dr. Shawn Whatley is an author, physician, a chair in health policy in the Ontario Medical Association (OMA), as well as the board director of both the OMA and the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). He holds a BSc at Lakehead University, and MD at the University of Ottawa, a CCFP in family and emergency medicine at the University of Toronto and a Master’s certificate in Physician Leadership at the Schulich School of Business. Currently, he runs his own Family Practice in a rural clinic. Before opening his own practice, he was a Physician Leader for Emergency Medicine as well as an assistant professor at McMaster University. As a writer, he is the author of No More Lethal Waits: 10 Steps to Transform Canada’s Emergency Departments. Dr. Whatley will speak on doctors’ conscience rights.

Dr. Kathy Pfaff    

Dr. Kathy Pfaff holds a BSc, a MA in Nursing at the University of Windsor, and a Ph.D in nursing at McMaster University. Her research and academic journey has won her numerous honors and awards with the most recent being the “Excellence in Oral Presentation Award, 2013 Faculty of Health Sciences Research Plenary” from McMaster University. As a professor at the University of Windsor, she teaches several courses at a bachelors and a graduate level. As a researcher, she is published in numerous revered journals like the Journal of Advanced Nursing, and is a part of countless peer-reviewed conference presentations. She currently leads a team which seeks to initiate discussions with health care leaders and community stakeholders about developing and implementing an educational protocol to enhance the delivery of palliative care in long-term care. Her other research focuses are on health care systems, rural community health care and palliative care. Dr. Pfaff will speak on palliative care and medical ethics in light of Bill C-14.    
Jean Echlin
Jean Echlin, RN and MScN, is a palliative care nurse and expert. She had a successful career as a Nurse Consultant in Palliative Care and Gerontology. Jean is the past director of the Hospice of Windsor and is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Windsor Faculty of Nursing. Jean was the founding vice-president of Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, and is now the president of EPC. She received the Dorothy Lee Award for excellence in Palliative Care (2004) by Hospice Palliative Care Ontario. In 2014, the deVeber Institute created the Jean Echlin Award for Ethics in Palliative Care. Jean will speak about the ethical dilemmas posed by a health care system that provides abortion and assisted suicide. 

Dr. Ian Gentles

Dr. Ian Gentles is a distinguished professor, author, and the research director at the deVeber Institute. He holds a BA in History and English and a MA in Modern American History from the University of Toronto as well as a PhD in English History from the University of London in England. He is now a distinguished professor at Tyndale University in the Department of History and Global Studies. Before coming to teach at Tyndale he was a notable professor at York University’s Glendon College. As a writer, most of his scholarly research has been on the English Revolution about which he has written many articles and four books. Most recently, he is co-author to Complications: Abortion’s Impact on Women and It’s Not That Simple: Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Today.  As a research director, he is vital to the social research done at the deVeber Institute and he will report on the Institute’s current research at the symposium. 
Symposium Schedule

11:00 am - 11:45 am - Registration

11:45 am - deVeber Co-President Martha Crean, Introduction and Welcome

12:00 am - 12:45pm - Lunch

12:45 am – 1:50 pm - Opening Speaker: Dr. Kathy Pfaff

Medical Aid in Dying: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

2:00 -3:00 pm- Jean Echlin

Bridging the Ethics of Inflicting Death: Abortion and Assisted Suicide
3:00 -3:30 pm- Break

3:30- 5:30 - Professor Ian Gentles + Student Presentations

The Future of Bioethical Research After the Legalization of Medically- Assisted Dying

5:30 - 6:30pm – Walking Break

6:30-7:45pm- Dinner

7:45 pm Introduction to Dr Shawn Whatley

8:00- 8:40pm – Presentation by Dr. Shawn Whatley

Conscience, Ethics and Medical Aid in Dying

9:00– deVeber Co-President Martha Crean Closing Remarks

For questions email deVeber at or call and reserve a spot at (416) 256-0555. 
The symposium will be held at Tyndale College in Toronto. It will run from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm on Friday July 15th. Register here. Or print and mail/email the registration form found here. The cost to attend will be $75 ($35 for students). To attend only the dinner and evening lecture the cost is $40 ($25 for students), and to attend only the evening lecture the cost is $15. There are a limited number of bursaries available for those who cannot afford the full cost. 
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If you are interested in sponsoring a student to attend the event, call us and let us know! We appreciate your support :)


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