Join us for our 3rd Summer Symposium!

Dear Friends,

This summer, we are partnering up with Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto to present to you our 3rd summer symposium! To remind you, a symposium originates from the Greek, to gather, feast and deliberate. It is entitled, "One Year Later: The Aftermath of Assisted Suicide in Canada." As the title suggests, we will be discussing the impact of the Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) law over the past year. There have been 1,324 MAiD cases. What else has the law done? It is a day that you don't want to miss! 

We have 5 speakers with us this year, in addition to an expert panel. 

1:00 PM

Dr. Ramona Coelho, MD. Professionalism, Conscience and the Physician will examine the problems with compromising conscience in a framework built on ethical decision making and how moral integrity is the most necessary for patient protection. 

2:00 PM

Our second speaker is Kevin Dunn, Films for Social Change Kevin will describe how he became interested in documenting assisted suicide internationally as well as show a segment screening of one of his upcoming documentaries (Dunn Media).

3:00 PM

Alex Schadenberg is the Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. Caring for People in the Community will focus on how we protect people from euthanasia, now that it is legal. He will share some of the stories of mis-use of the euthanasia law.

Dinner 4:30-6:00 PM 

6:00 PM

Fourth, we have Albertos Polizogopoulos, flying in from Ottawa to speak on, The Legal Implications of Assisted Death Regulation. He will give a legal interpretation on the MAiD law and its connotations. It is notable to mention that he is a constitution and civil lawyer representing a group of over 4,700 doctors across Canada that has launched a court challenge to Ontario regulations that require them to refer patients to physicians willing to provide assisted death.

7:00 PM

Last, we have our local bioethicist, Bob Parke, who will be speaking about his experiences as well as the safe haven hospice. His talk is entitled, Putting Values into Practice - Creating a Safe Haven Hospice: A Positive Response to a Negative Reality. 

8:00 PM Expert Panel and Discussion, Questions and Wrap Up

Join us for this exciting day! It will be on Friday, July 28, 2017. Registration begins at noon. The official symposium will begin at 12:45 pm to 9:00 pm and located at 5 Hoskin Ave., Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto. 

Register today! Email us at or call us at (416)-256 0555. More information is attached in the official poster at the end of this blog post.

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