Videos from our 3rd Summer Symposium!

This summer, we partnered up with Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto to present our 3rd summer symposium, entitled, "One Year Later: The Aftermath of Assisted Suicide in Canada." At this dynamic and explosive event we discussed the impact of the Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) law has had on Canadians over the past year. There have been 1,324 MAiD cases. What else has the law done? Read and watch videos below for details!

We had 5 speakers with us this year, in addition to an expert panel. 

Dr. Ramona Coelho, MD. Professionalism, Conscience and the Physician examined the problems with compromising conscience in a framework built on ethical decision making and how moral integrity is the most necessary for patient protection. 

Our second speaker was Kevin Dunn with Films for Social Change. Kevin described how he became interested in documenting assisted suicide internationally as well as showed a segment screening of one of his upcoming documentaries (Dunn Media).

Alex Schadenberg is the Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. Caring for People in the Community focused on how we protect people from euthanasia, now that it is legal. He shared some of the stories of mis-use of the euthanasia law.

Fourth, we had Albertos Polizogopoulos, flying in from Ottawa to speak on, The Legal Implications of Assisted Death Regulation. He gave a legal interpretation on the MAiD law and its connotations. It is notable to mention that he is a constitution and civil lawyer representing a group of over 4,700 doctors across Canada that has launched a court challenge to Ontario regulations that require them to refer patients to physicians willing to provide assisted death.

Last, we had local bioethicist, Bob Parke, and deVeber Board Member, who spoke about his experiences working in palliative care as well as the safe haven hospice project. His talk, entitled, Putting Values into Practice - Creating a Safe Haven Hospice: A Positive Response to a Negative Reality gave an introduction to the important work that lies ahead

Thank you to everyone who participated at this event! There will be a complete review and write-up about the symposium in the upcoming newsletter.

"Its symposiums such as these that allow healthcare practitioners and trainees to engage in conversations that are non-existent in day-to-day practice."

-Alexandra, symposium participant and Medical Student

The deVeber Institute, in collaboration with Wycliffe College, hosted their third annual summer symposium yesterday, Friday, July 28th. The event was a great success, bringing over 100 participants together from a variety of professions and interest groups to learn and discuss the pressing issue of assisted suicide in Canada.

The board and staff of The deVeber Institute extends our heartfelt thanks to the speakers, participants and volunteers who made this event so engaging and dynamic.

To watch and listen to the talks from the symposium speakers please click on the following links:

Dr. Ramona Coelho, MD Family Physician: Professionalism, Conscience and the Physician
Kevin Dunn, Creator of Films for Social Change: Caring Not Killing
Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director of EPC: Caring For People In The Community
Albertos Polizogopoulos, JD Legal Defense for Conscience Rights in Ontario: The Legal Implications of Assisted Death Regulation
Bob Parke, MSW, MHSC: Putting Values into Practice – Creating a Safe Haven Hospice: A Positive Response to a Negative Reality

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