The deVeber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research conducts and disseminates research on topics connected to human life in its biological, social and ethical dimensions. These topics are selected for study depending on emerging medical, technological and social developments. In undertaking this work the Institute believes that a sense of the inherent value and dignity of human life and of the human person as an end and not a means is a foundational perspective to bring to bear on its work.

The Institute's research may be original or may consist of reviews of existing literature. In each case the Institute's work is to be of the highest academic quality, though accessible to the general public.

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Response to Dr. Donald Low’s Request for Assisted Suicide

Press Release: deVeber Responds to Doctor’s Request for Assisted Suicide

Response to Dr. Donald Low’s Request for Assisted Suicide

Jean Echlin, Advisor to the deVeber Institute, was interviewed by Metro Morning with Matt Galloway CBC News on September 25th, 2013

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Research Report: Summer 2013 Perspectives Newsletter

New faces at the deVeber Institute! News and Upcoming Events

This brand new Perspectives Research Report includes:

Study finds parents want to have choice to remove feeding tubes from their terminally ill children

Complete National Post article may be found here:

Article by Tom Blackwell.

Pediatrics study of 11 parents says they feel they should have the choice to remove feeding tubes from terminally ill children.

Study can be found as an attachment below.

Think Suicide in the Elderly is Courageous? Think Again

Think Suicide in the Elderly is Courageous? Think Again

Jean Echlin

This article was published on Thursday, March 7th 2013 in the Windsor Star

In February of this year, a national paper printed an extraordinary posthumous letter from a 91 year old woman who died by suicide because she was tired of living. She wanted to end her life with dignity. Though most of the (published) responses thought she was courageous, I disagree. I believe there is more to the issue when the elderly contemplate suicide.

Annual Public Lecture

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Rights and respect for life are the glue that binds society

Toronto, Canada (November 22, 2012) - "Legalizing assisted suicide or
euthanasia raises issues that impact on some of our most important
shared values that provide the glue that binds us as society", stated
Margaret Somerville last night. She was speaking to a full audience
of over 200 people for the deVeber Institute's Annual Lecture, at St.
Michael's Campus at the University of Toronto.

Somerville, one of Canada's best known bioethicists, was considering
how the physician-assisted suicide debate impacts our society. "The