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On June 1st, Andrew Coyne's article "Finger points of consent missing in assisted suicide bill" appeared in the National Post. In this article, Andrew comments on the pivotal role that consent and autonomy play in the debate on assisted suicide. He uses It's Not That Simple to support his argument that consent is not always present in countries with legalized euthanasia or assisted suicide and that the proposed safeguards will not be sufficient to protect vulnerable people. With a firm grasp on the arguments used to support assisted suicide, Andrew says:

Iola Plaxton DeVeber

Dear Friends,

It is with deep sadness that I must announce the passing of Iola DeVeber, Dr. Barrie DeVeber’s wife. Iola was recently admitted into the hospital and passed away on Friday at Victoria Hospital London.  

Personal Condolences can be sent to Dr. Barrie deVeber at 538 Chester St. London ON N6C 2J9.


Visitations were held On Tuesday and Wednesday June 23rd and 24th respectively, the Funeral Service was held on Wednesday, June 24th at the O'Neil Funeral Home 350 William St, London, ON 

Dying patient thanks palliative doctor for making ‘sad ending better’

Dying patient thanks palliative doctor for making ‘sad ending better’ 

(Video and article included here)

Kenneth Owen has terminal cancer and thanks his doctor, Darren Cargill for making the end of his life easier.

“What Dr. Cargill has done for me, and for my wife, is make that fear go away.”

Cargill said the gratitude shown to him by patients and family really motivates him in this specialty he loves. “When someone has a lot of symptoms and pain, and I can do something to help that, and usually fairly quickly, that’s something that’s very gratifying for me as a practitioner,” he said.

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