Barbara Kay on abortion: Too controversial to question

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Two interesting abortion-related news items this week

There are known medical and reproductive risks associated with abortion. Why aren’t women warned?

Texas passed a law imposing informed consent on women seeking abortions. In future, women there will have a sonogram, with the heartbeat audible and the image of the fetus visible to them. They will also hear a description of how the unborn baby would develop. It is quite likely that many of them will think twice about aborting, and will consider other options.

At home the Canadian Medical Association Journal has urged delayed revelation of fetal sex to reduce alarming rates of female-fetus abortion in certain cultural communities.

A Medical Detective Story: What you felt before you were born.

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A neurologist reveals startling facts about prenatal development research that has only recently came to light. Until the 1980's, it was assumed that the fetus and the newborn child could not sense pain.

Now leading researchers agree:
- The fetus perceives pain at 20 weeks gestation or even earlier.
- There is anatomical, physiological, and behavioural evidence of fetal pain.
- The fetus may experience pain more intensely than an adult.

Why has a recent review stated that a fetus cannot sense pain until 29 weeks?
What are the implications of this review for child centered pediatric medicine?

Dr. Paul Ranalli reveals the science and politics of fetal pain during this deVeber Institute annual public lecture.

Dr. Paul Ranalli, MD, FRCPC is a neurologist at the Humber River Regional Hospital, the Toronto Western Hospital, and the Toronto General Hospital. He is a lecturer and clinical instructor at the University of Toronto Medical School. Dr.

Women's Health at Risk; Abortion and Informed Consent

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Dr. Deborah Zeni in Toronto, Canada, on the current medical and psychological research on abortion. For more info go to www.deveber.org