Popular Delusions and the Madness of Euthanasia Part 1/ Part 5

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Annual Public Lecture with Dr Will Johnston on Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Euthanasia

Alex Schadenberg on Jeanette Hall

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Alex Schadenberg tells the story of Jeanette Hall, who "says no to assisted-suicide and euthanasia".

Prof. Ian Gentles On Euthanasia

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A clip from Prof. Ian Gentles' lecture concerning the broadening of boundaries for euthanasia where it has been legalized 

Working Symposium on Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia July 19-20

We would like to thank everyone who made this event a success. We would like to thank the speakers, Alex Schadenberg, Dr. Paul Zeni, Dr. Deb Zeni, Dr. Ian Gentles and our interns (Julia Giancola, Christina Holmquist, Conor Sweetman, and Martha McNeely) for their insightful speeches at the symposium. Thank you also to Kathy Matusiak and Lorraine McCallum who contributed so much to the planning and publicity involved in the event and Professors Keith and Elizabeth Ring-Cassidy for graciously hosting us. To everyone who attended the event: your presence was so important to us and your contributions to the discussion were much appreciated!

Response to physician-assisted suicide in Canada by Jean Echlin

Jean Echlin, Palliative Care Nursing Specialist