The Ethics of Conscientious Objection in Healthcare by Dr. Ewan Goligher

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Dr. Ewan Goliger is a physiologist and intensive care physician. He obtained his MD from the University of British Columbia and trained in internal medicine and critical care medicine at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Goliger speaks about conscience rights for medical professionals including physicians, nurses and healthcare workers.

Lack of Support for Parenting Students

Many students who attend universities across Canada have either faced the dilemma themselves or watched friends struggle with the choice between attaining a university education and having children. Since university students are mature individuals in their child-bearing years, it would make sense that Canadian university campuses would assist young people in their struggle by allowing them to have both an education and a family. Although many universities in Canada offer some resources, most do not offer all that is necessary. The University of Toronto greatly surpasses every other Canadian university, both through the resources available and through the general awareness of these resources amongst the student body. The majority of universities in Canada offer distance education, evening classes, on-campus daycare and rarely even one baby change table on campus. However, no university in the country offers the number of resources that the University of Toronto provides.

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