Going It Alone: Unplanned Single Motherhood in Canada

J. Ajzenstat, E. Cassidy, E. Carter, G. Bierling
deVeber Institute (1994)
$10 (Cdn), $8 (US)

An original research study documenting significant aspects of unplanned crisis pregnancies that ended in single parenting by the mother. A wide range of Canadian women, as well as service agencies, were surveyed. This work looks at important components in the single mothers' lives, including their support network of family and friends, and the role of the baby's father, and examines the decision-making process in these women's lives and determining factors.

The results of the research were sometimes surprising. Very few of the mothers felt they needed more government programs for housing and day care and most were not dependent on welfare. However, a significant percentage identified prejudice against single mothers as a problem, and a long-term concern in their lives.

This report is formed out of the words of these women and the agencies that serve them and will be of great interest to anyone personally or professionally connected to single mothers.