A Time to Choose Life:Women, Abortion and Human Rights

Ian Gentles
Stoddard Publishing (1990)
$13 (Cdn), $10 (US)

The great abortion debate in Canada has often produced more smoke than fire, with pro-abortion and anti-abortion forces lobbing ideological epitithets at each other without adequately clearing the ground for responsible discussion.

Nevertheless, because the abortion issue is at the heart of our view of life and hopes for society, the best minds on both sides have been developing more sophisticated thinking and writing. Here, argued clearly and dispassionately, are essays on women, abortion and human rights. Eminent scholars and doctors George Grant, Samuel and Janet Ajzenstat, Heather Morris, Ian Hunter, Ian Gentles, Denyse O'Leary and others review the ideological issues and examine the medical implications and consequences of abortion. They also critique the legal decisions that made Canada unique in placing no restrictions on abortion.