Women's Health after Abortion: The Medical and Psychological Evidence (Second Edition)

Elizabeth Ring-Cassidy & Ian Gentles
de Veber Institute (April, 2003)

Women's Health after Abortion is based on over 500 articles that have appeared in medical and other journals, chiefly during the past twenty years. Much of the information has been extracted from papers whose primary focus was not abortion. Some of the consequences of abortion do not surface until long after the procedure, or, as in the case of infertility, remain undetected until the woman wishes to bear a child. Yet at present many studies rely on short-term findings; furthermore, researchers often minimize the significance of their findings, and sometimes even arrive at conclusions that flatly contradict their data.

The difficulties surrounding the study of abortion have only increased with the dramatic rise over the past decade in the number of procedures performed in clinics, where follow-up of patients is minimal or non-existent. Nonetheless, what research there is, shows that abortion is the source of serious physical and psychological problems for a significant number of women.